Westanqvarn® Standard Colors
TH Green (Thott Green) NCS 5530-G30Y
FL Lime Green NCS 2020-G60Y
FP Light Gray (Pearl Gray) NCS 1805-G88Y
FV Off White (Varm White) NCS 0604-Y26R
FR Red (Falu Red) NCS 4353-Y73R
NG Nature Green NCS 5919-G37Y
KG Traditional Green NCS 5433-G25Y
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Westanqvarn® Standard Colors/Glaze


In or production we use only carefully picked, premium Nordic pine. Wood from old trees that have grown slowly and that is slowly air dried, host crucial capabilities as raw material in sustainable outdoor furniture – Long life products made of natural materials and for easy maintenance.

Linseed Oil and paint – The natural, sustainable choice 

Our products are prepared with high quality linseed oil or linseed oil paint that makes a perfect combination with premium pine wood. When prepared, it is very important that the wood material is completely dry so that the oil really penetrates the surface. This enables the coating to flex according to the moist variations of the outdoor environment. Thanks to the natural materials “getting married”, the surface keeps its breathing capabilities (diffusion open) and lets the furniture dry thoroughly, mature gracefully and last for generations.

Maintenance – Possible and easy

As a normal rule of thumb, we recommend wiping the furniture with a wet cloth (without any chemicals or soap, preferably after rain) so that residue from pollen and air pollution comes off. If there are clearly visible stains of soot, fungus or similar, we recommend ‘Universal Stone’ or similar mineral-based cleaning product that is not too harsh on the painted surface. Do not use linseed-soap!

Linseed-oil paint can after years exposed to the suns UV-radiation and the other elements, become worn out and start to “chalk”. While this by some is considered beautiful, it is also a sign that your furniture may need some care. A simple solution (especially for dark-coloured furniture) is a treatment with maintenance oil (mix of wood turpentine and linseed oil). The original colour will reappear and the pigments rebound. Repaint when necessary.

Furniture painted in a light colour do best if you add one or two thin layers of paint. In preparation for this, remove dirt and particles with a harsh wet cloth or a light sanding cushion. Make sure the furniture are clean and completely dry before repainting. Please feel free to contact us for maintenance products or for more information.

Storing for winter

Our furniture are recommended to be kept in shelter or under roof. Storing indoors in room temperature is only recommended during maintenance. Please note: do not cover the furniture with plastic sheet or similar. Outdoor furniture painted with linseed-oil shall be stored in airy spaces.


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